Spring is Here??

This morning I woke to snow. Not really worth alerting the media I realize, but I suppose I am just hungry for planting seeds and shaking off my heavy coat and am just a little “over it”. While the robins have returned and I recently watched geese heading north, I feel a little fooled by mother nature this morning. Certainly those robins are shivering on some branch saying “what the “huh”?!”

Patience is not always my best friend I realize. As I wait for the ground to soften and the Western Larch to sprout new needles, I have to remind myself that there is plenty of evidence for a changing season. Traffic from the ski hill is slowing, Crocus are popping up near my driveway and the calls from potential buyers wanting to begin their search have increased dramatically.

I love spring, but even more, I love the change of seasons and the constant reminder that the definition of beauty here in northeast Washington changes with every season. But for today, the only green we will see is that we pin to our coats telling everyone not to pinch us.

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